Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using Technology for Organisational Excellence

Technology & HR-Leverage one for that other: "Technology and HR are enablers of economic. Integration of these two means not just harmonious co-existence but additionally using one for that other. Using of technology for HR means digitizing the mundane HR activities and automating the rear office and transactional activities associated with recruitment, performance management, career planning, and succession planning, training and understanding management. Using HR for technology suggests controlling change connected with technology by means of communication, training, employing, retraining, stakeholder analysis and conscious keeping. Thus they are able to play complementary roles."

Technology and HR have one factor common i.e., these two are enablers of economic.

In recent occasions, technologies have become symbolic of it, as few others technological development of history might have influenced all spectrum of economic as computer systems influenced. Regardless of the type of business you're in i.e., services or goods, commodity or top quality, buying and selling or manufacturing, contemporary or traditional deployment of knowledge technology in a single form or another is really a formality. To handle and deploy technology in an ideal way, all business Organizations would want understanding employees. Controlling of those understanding employees is down to HR function. To ensure the integration of technology and HR is mandatory.

Getting understood technology and HR in our context we should understand integration within this context. Integration wouldn't only mean harmonious co-existing but would also mean one improving and matching another i.e., technologies are accustomed to enhance effectiveness of HR and HR functions works well for implementing and controlling change which technology deployment earns.

Using technology for HR

HR management like a function accounts for deliverables like business strategy execution, administrative efficiency, worker contribution and convenience of change. These types of accomplished through what HR people will i.at the., staffing, development, compensation, benefits, communicate organization design, high carrying out teams and so forth. In most of these areas technologies are being used.


Recruitment is something where all of the companies worth their title leverage IT. You will find two different types of e-recruitment, that are in style. The first is recruitment through company's own sites and also the other is hosting your requirement alternatively sites e.g., monster .com, jobsdb.com, jobsahead.com, naukri.com, and jobstreet.com and so forth so on. The very first models is much more well-liked by the bigger companies who've a brandname pull for potential employees e.g., G.E., IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HCL, ICICI, Reliance, Mindtree talking to etc. Others prefer to visit the task sites. Some are implementing both.

E-recruitment went a lengthy way since its start. Now these websites go global. Sites like jobsahead.com and monster.com established global network, which includes separate sites for jobs around australia, Denmark, Belgium, and Canada etc. Job searchers can search job by region or country and companies target potential employees in specific nations. For instance, 3 Com lately published a business profile around the Ireland site that highlights the contributions of three com's Irish design team in the global projects.

In the past e-recruitment was affected with flooding the companies with low-quality bio-data's. Again technologies have come like a messiah. Now pre-employment testing such as the one created by Capital One, an american based financial company, assist in blocking the candidates. These power tools test online e.g., candidates for sales departments. 'Profile International' a Texas based provider of employment checks, is promoting tools that permit instant translation of assessment tests between languages. Further developments like video- conference specialized sites, online professionals recruitments and mixing offline and online techniques are resulting in increasingly more companies implementing e-recruitment a minimum of like a secondary recruitment method. Arena Knights in combat Bridge, an american based IT company conducts video based interview of their prospective employees and just short listed workers are met personally. Even 'cisco' ended up being to launch exactly the same.

Worker Self Service

Worker self-services are possibly one utility from it, that has relieved HR on most of mundane tasks and assisted it to enhance worker satisfaction. Worker self services is an array of small activities, that have been earlier completed by worker through administration wing of HR. They are travel reservations, travel rules information, travel bills, leave rules, leave administration, perk administration, etc. Earlier each one of these rules and knowledge were within the custody of the children of HR. Every user worker was likely to achieve to HR and take action. With deployment of Ain in the majority of the companies, worker can request travel related reserving online, fill his/her T.E. bills, make an application for leave, log time sheet and find out his perks value disbanded and due etc. E.g., in Ballarpur Industries Ltd. leave administration is totally scanned in the corporate office. It's working towards digitizing travel related activities, perks as well as compensation management and gratifaction management administration. 'Digitize or delegate all of the mundane and routine focus only on core and cost add' - Vineet Chhabra V.P. -PDC BILT.


Communication that is most spoken about management tool happens to be a grey area in HR management. In large companies with huge physical spread interacting with all of employees had really posed formidable challenge to HR professionals. Technologies have again come for save. Beginning with telephones, faxes, e-mails and ageing into interactive video, internet cast, web cast etc. communication is something of HR, that has been greatly achieved positive results by technology. Mouse & click the likes of Oracle, IBM comes with an intranet which suits the majority of the information needs of their employees. Brick & Morter the likes of BILT also provide designed a foray into implementing intranet for internal communication, that has corporate notice board, media coverage, and understanding corners.

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