Thursday, September 16, 2010

Web and Computer Security

Well, in the event that could have been stated in my experience by my dad after i was 24 months old, I'd have understood. However when today, my very own computer informs me that after I'm 34, I question why I spent $1500 on my small computer software and hardware simply to benefit from the (not-recognized) advantages of this excellent and revolutionary it?

Today’s cyberspace is hazardous. None of today’s PC customers can declare that they didn't have a trojan problem or perhaps a PC security breach. Now, should you count today’s quantity of PC customers worldwide, they'll soon be 1 billion by 2010 based on experts. After I see all of the computer infections, infections, trojan viruses, and more around me, and compare it using the 1 billion innocent computer customers all over the world, I merely have a pity party not just for individuals billion customers however for myself too. However, like a common user myself, I have to admit it wasn't all doomsday for the entire industry since 1987 after i began to make use of computer systems. So, like a responsible person in this excellent IT revolution, I have to share the best tips and methods which i learned to make use of to create the minimum room for productivity on my small computer.

Please be aware this can be a tutorial for somebody who has fundamental know-how laptop or computer usage. For individuals who're newcomers, I would suggest asking a nearby expert’s help prior to trying anything out pointed out within this tutorial. For the reason that situation, make room for payment from deep pocket. For your own personel convenience, print this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Whenever my computer is infected, I act on the following options

1. FORMAT Hard Disk Drive: I support all my data on the Compact disc-Author if it's still accessible. After which format the entire hard drive and re-install every single application.

2. USE SOFTWARE: I exhaust all anti-virus along with other software options. Normally, this is my first priority as in comparison to formatting the entire computer hard disks.

Now, allow me to explain both options at length

PRE-Requirements: Make certain you've got a Compact disc-Drive (Author), empty writable Compact disks, Home windows OS Compact disc (bootable) that consists of files for example Format.exe, Scandisk.exe, FDisk.exe, and Attrib.exe files. Microsoft 'office' Compact disc, Anti-Virus Compact disc, GoldenHawk Compact disc Writing Software in DOS (copy2cd.exe and cdtools.exe), Ghd Serial Numbers of the License, Driver Compact disks of System board, VGA, Network, Seem and Modem products. Optionally, download (using http://world wide or http://world wide these software from the Internet Café when home is inaccessible and save it on the Compact disc to ensure that technology-not only anytime for security reasons

Golden Hawk DOS based Compact disc Writing Software

HTech Fireman Home windows based Compact disc Writing Software

Driver Genius Professional

Partition Miracle

AVG Anti-virus

SpywareBlaster & SpywareGuard

Spybot Search & Destroy




HiJackThis & CWShredder

I've deliberately prevented reference to many in a commercial sense good and much more friendly software’s mention because I needed everything to complete FREE with no additional costs aside from the typical OS licenses. For your own personel convenience, you are able to research Yahoo or google search engines like google find more information about such commercial software as well as their availability / prices.

1. FORMAT Hard Disk Drive

Yes, it is painful and surgical kind of solution, but sometimes, it's the ONLY solution left after tiring our efforts to bring back our computer machine following a virus attack. Follow this process

Startup Up: Try startup your pc normally first and try to login easily. Should you can’t or perhaps your computer dangles up, try holding F8 key when beginning Home windows and you'll obtain the Safe Mode. Even when you do not obtain the Safe Mode, take it easy.

Energy your computer and press DEL key or F2 answer to login your CMOS. In CMOS, go as well Preferences making Compact disc Drive as boot drive as the first boot drive and alter the hard drive because the second boot drive. Should you not call at your Compact disc Drive within the boot-up options, your Compact disc Drive isn't correctly installed. Look into the fittings or request your Compact disc Drive provider for instructions to set up the Compact disc Drive. Now, whenever your Compact disc Drive is prepared, place your Home windows OS Compact disc within the Compact disc Drive and restart your pc machine. When motivated, choose the choice “Boot from Compact disc with Compact disc Option”. When you are getting the prompt, Spot the Compact disc Drive letter which was allotted for your Compact disc Drive if this installed the Compact disc Driver. It is almost always D: drive or even the last drive letter with respect to the quantity of your partitions. Note it lower because it is the particular drive letter where you'll have to type a DOS command like d:

You need to now have the ability to run all software utilities for example Format, Scandisk, FDisk or Home windows Installation Setup.exe files. At this time, simply make certain they exist by typing a DOS command dir in the Compact disc drive letter. Should you not think it is with this particular simple directory command, use dir/s filename to look the file. For instance, to look fdisk.exe file, type dir/s fdisk.exe.

Copying Your Computer Data: Before formatting your hard drive, please make certain you've proper support of the critical documents for example Ms Word, Stand out, Ms powerpoint, etc files on the Compact disc or other media for backup that you can get. Within this tutorial, we assume you've got a Compact disc-Author installed to take backup copies on Writeable Compact disks. Their capacity is generally 700MB or less. Here, you need to you should consider using Zipping software like WinZip or WinRAR.

VIA Home windows: If you're able to fortunately login for your Home windows OS, you need to run the Compact disc-Author software for example HTech Fireman to support all your data with an empty Compact disc. Should you not understand how to get it done, read their instructions for detailed instruction set. Should you can’t access your Home windows OS, continue reading.

VIA DOS: A few of the files that you want to create back-up, might be hidden. To not-hide them, use attrib *.*  r  s  h.

Now, make use of the software from Golden Hawk file named as copy2cd.exe to backup your computer data files or sites on the writeable Compact disc. Before by using this command, make certain you're in a suitable path on the pc for example E:/ in which the actual file copy2cd.exe file resides

Copy2cd c:data*.* f:

Ideas assumed that f: is really a Compact disc Author drive. Now, repeat exactly the same for all your files to support. When finished, run cdtools.exe command i.e. cdtools f: to complete by choosing option “Disc Finalization”.

Should you can’t support your computer data while using above-pointed out procedure, either request an outdoors expert’s help personally or via internet. If all fails, forget your computer data forever and keep on setting up a brand new OS as pointed out within this tutorial.

Copying Your Motorists: A fascinating tool to pointed out this is a software that instantly supports all your motorists of Compact disc, modem, seem card, vga, usb, printer or nearly anything that's presently placed on the body. But miracle traffic bot works only within an operational home windows OS, and never in DOS. It's a good and time-saving practice to help keep a backup famous your motorists on the Compact disc by utilizing this type of software. Its title is Driver Genius Professional which is commercial software, not really a free software.

USING FDISK: You might skip this method and go right to Formatting Hard Disk Drive option, if you want to make use of other helpful partitions that could contain your computer data. Before continuing with this method, Make certain there's no helpful data left on your pc to become supported. This method will remove all the computer partitions and make brand new ones.

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